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CIRCO FANTASTICO se compromete a proponerle, siempre, los mejores artistas de circo en ejercicio de su profesión. Nuestro banco de artistas cambia y aumenta cada semana. Es importante que nos contacte regularmente para que obtenga nuestra lista al día, así como amplios detalles de los artistas que estarán disponibles para su evento.



We offer a wide variety of different, new aerial acts in a great number of disciplines, including the Washington trapeze, the aerial silk, straps, the climbing rope, dance trapeze, the hoop, the cube, the square, the triangle, the diamond, the aerial window, the hammock, the net and chains. Solos, duets, trios or quartets. Static or swinging devices.

Cirque Fantastic



A number of acrobatics acts (solo or group acts) are available, including trampoline, trampoline wall, rhythmic gymnastics, aerial bungee, acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling and many others. All performances can be adapted to your needs and desires.

Cirque Fantastic



A variety of balancing acts are available in different types and styles : ground routines, canes, tight wire walking, ladders, rola-bola, etc.

Russian Bar


Holding both ends of a thin, flexible beam on which a vaulter is balancing herself, two strong men throw her in the air at incredible heights. Like a cat, she must fall back on her feet and, most importantly, on the beam. These three performers form a unique, marvelous team. Their circus discipline is the Russian bar, an impressive and dynamic act that presents dizzying risks and offers spectacular rewards.

Cirque Fantastic



Discover unique acts in which the artist performs acrobatic feats while inside a giant wheel (either a Cyr wheel or a German wheel). We also offer the possibility of including more than one wheel on stage at the same time, for an impressively wild choreography.

Cirque Fantastic



This act brings together five experienced artists who perform wild acrobatics with an infectious energy, a great sense of humour, a remarkable team spirit and amazing technical precision. Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a terrifically bumpy ride!



We offer a wide selection of dynamic juggling acts (balls, rings, pins, devil sticks, cubes, torches, hula hoops, boxes, boleadoras, etc.) Solos, duets or group acts.



Pushing the human body to the extreme, our contortionists bend, stretch and flex in extraordinary ways, in a fabulous series of incredible figures that require overwhelming elasticity. Performing alone or in small groups, these fascinating artists will dazzle you with their poetic grace or their amusing routines.

Chinese pole


The Chinese pole act requires artists to climb the pole and hold themselves perfectly still, horizontally, parallel to the ground, for what seems like an eternity. This performance requires tremendous strength, yet is characterized with unexpected gentleness and simplicity. An acrobatic pole dancing act is also available.

Hand to hand


A mesmerizing acrobatic pas de deux, hand to hand is a form of balancing act that requires partners to achieve absolute synchronicity in order to create perfect harmony. An ode to sensitivity, our acts combine evocative shapes and powerful pirouettes. These bold, high flying balancing acts are characterized by grace, strength and flexibility.

Cirque Fantastic



Also available: acrobatic unicycle performance, solo or duet.

Cirque Fantastic



Our live male and female singers sing melodies to the rhythm of the acrobats’ movements on stage. They introduce the acts and take part in them, enhancing the various circus performances and bringing an additional touch of emotion, magic, poetry and lyricism to your event.

Cirque Fantastic



Our unique and striking dancers bring diversity and a touch of theatricality to a circus show, linking the different acts smoothly and beautifully. They can also take part in the acts or simply introduce the performers in dynamic, funny or lyrical choreographies, depending on the tone and theme of your event.

Cirque Fantastic



Having recently decided to become a filmmaker, our comedian decides to choose two volunteers in the audience and invites them on stage to shoot a romantic love scene for a silent movie. His goal is simple: to make his two actors fall in love! The fact that his two subjects were complete strangers just minutes earlier does not discourage him at all. To succeed, he uses an arsenal of tricks and methods, all crazier and more hilarious than the other.

Strolling characters



We offer a variety of static or mobile, aerial or ground performances to spice up your cocktails, festivals, events, etc. Masters of ceremony, itinerant make-up artists, characters, stilt walkers, acrobatic dancers, cartoonists, magicians, mimes, living statues or decors, puppets or musicians will captivate the attention of your guests, for a few fleeting moments. All of our strolling performances can take on the colours of your events.

Gracias a nuestra basta red profesional internacional y a nuestra exhaustiva base de datos artística CIRCO FANTASTICO tiene acceso a millones de artistas de circo y de creadores alrededor del planeta.
Nosotros nos dedicamos a extender nuestra red y a poner al día regularmente nuestra lista de artistas talentosos para ofrecerles todo el tiempo performances de la más alta calidad y una selección de disciplinas completa y equilibrada.