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Following are the English translation of a few selected quotes from an interview with Marie Josée Lévesque by journalist Stéphane Champagne, special contributor to La Presse Affaires. The article was published under the title "Cirque Fantastic de Montréal. Petit cirque, grand rayonnement."

"The name of Cirque Fantastic must now be added to that of Cirque du Soleil, Les Sept doigts de la main, Cirque Éloize and many other Quebec-based entertainment companies. For now, this small business is better know around the world than in its province."

"Cirque Fantastic [...] is hired to put magic everywhere its presence is required, from annual assemblies to office parties, inaugurations, fairs and so many other occasions."

"To this day, Cirque Fantastic has presented hundreds of performances all over the planet, but mainly in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Marie-Josée Lévesque and a troupe of 35 artists have indeed just come back from giving a series of shows in Mexico, where a governor had organized a feria for the population. In fact, the small business is getting very well-known in Mexico. So much so that the President of Cirque Fantastic has started dreaming about creating a show specifically for the Chichén Itzá archaeological site, in the highly touristic Yucatán peninsula, now known as Riviera Maya."

"'Our shows are very bare. We put the emphasis on our artists, on physical performances rather than sets. [...] The thing that I am most passionate about is to go to places where people - rich and poor - see a circus show for the very first time in their lives,' explains Marie-Josée Lévesque who, at 38, is probably in better shape than most 20 year olds."

"The small business employs only freelancers and boasts a database of over 500 freelance artists. [...] 'In Montreal, we can find one of the world's greatest pools of circus talents [...],' says Ms. Lévesque."

"One has to wonder where this businesswoman gets all of her energy. She wears many hats. She intoduces herself as an 'artist-athlete-business woman.' To find new clients, she takes part in trade shows at least twice a year in New York, Miami or Los Angeles."

"[Marie-Josée Lévesque] creates and designs everything about all of the shows presented by her small business. And she loves participating in every single one as an acrobat, either on a trapeze or German wheel. She manages to stay in shape and rehearse everyday because of the huge training gymnasium that she has built in her house, at Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard."

"[Her] husband, Claude Dupras, president of engineering firm Dupras-Ledoux, which worked on the construction of the Cirque du Soleil's amphitheatre at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, is the brain behind the 'circus-house.'"

"Hired by Cirque du Soleil when she was only 17 [...], she founded her own company after the birth of her first child. Twelve years and three more babies later [...], [Marie-Josée Lévesque] has never been busier. And she's asking for more! She fell in love with the South-American people and is currently taking intensive Spanish-language lessons. [...] In the short term, she wishes to produce two shows a week, approximately one hundred shows per year."

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