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The CIRQUE FANTASTIC team specializes in event design, organization and presentation. We make sure that all logistical, technical, artistic and sensory aspects of your event are handled professionally and impeccably.

Whether we embark on a tour or give only one performance, CIRQUE FANTASTIC knows how to adapt its expertise to your needs and desires, whatever type of event you wish us to organize for you (product launch, seminar, gala, inauguration, cocktail, convention, symposium, scouting trip, Christmas party, film shoot, etc.) or the location where it will take place (convention centre, museum, hotel, arena, outdoor location, restaurant, etc.) We custom-design our shows, exclusively for you and your guests.


We hire the best artists from around the globe for you.

Do you need a 5-minute show to take your guests' breath away? CIRQUE FANTASTIC gives you access to the largest database of circus artists in Canada. You will find more than 500 local and international artists who offer you an abundance of imaginative, audacious, stimulating and energetic circus acts, from both traditional and modern circus practices.

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The shows that we create are colourful mosaics set in lyrical or fiery, refined or comical, subtle or provocative atmospheres that draw directly from the talent, strength, endurance and beauty of our artists.

Do you wish to dazzle your guests with a complete theatrical circus show, lasting between 5 minutes and 2 hours?

For each of your events, whether they are glamourous affairs or casual parties, CIRQUE FANTASTIC can create shows that will highlight the talents of 1 to 50 artists of all types — Masters of Ceremony, hostesses, street performers, singers, musicians, dancers, comical characters, ground-based or aerial acrobats and so many others. Your show can be presented with or without interruptions, so that it punctuates, for example, the courses of a meal, the presentation of awards or the screening of a series of video presentations.

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CIRQUE FANTASTIC likes to do things differently from everyone else. So, for your events, we begin by offering you a choice of four exciting thematic circus ambiences : :
  • and our latest creation, FANTASTIC ELEGANCIA

Here are just a few of the various types of services we can also provide, in addition to our basic circus entertainment package:

Venue Selection
Describe your event to us and we will find the perfect venue for it. Over the last 12 years, we have produced shows and events at more than 100 locations all over the world, from Toronto to Hong Kong to Veracruz, in hotel ballrooms, arenas or gardens. Let's just say that we have an idea or two on how to find the ideal location to suit your specific needs.
Tell us what you want to eat and drink, and we will find a caterer for you and help you plan the menu. We will make sure that the colour of the martinis for your cocktail reception matches the event's overall colour scheme, or that the fresh, local ingredients used in your five course banquet dinner will respect your environmental concerns. Above all, we will make sure that everything is delicious.
Floor Planning
Let us know about your needs and we will bring your location to life. Working with trusted partners, we will help you choose the right furniture, decide on the best table configurations in relation to the stage or dance floor, select the appropriate type of bar service and design, as well as pick table linens, centrepieces, chair slipcovers, flowers and so much more, all perfectly matched to your event's theme.
Communication Strategy & Graphic Design
Let us know what you would like to accomplish with your communication strategy and we will help you reach your target effectively. From the design of the invitation cards and menus set on the tables to the preparation of the guest list, our creative team and partners will match your wishes to your event's theme.
Technical Equipment
Tell us your technical requirements and we will identify all essential equipment and find the best suppliers and technicians for you among our exclusive list of professional collaborators. Sound systems, video walls, LCD screens, Internet connections, multimedia projection installations, computer networks – we can handle all of these technical issues for you.
Ambient Sounds, Images & Lights
We can help you choose the best way to create the visual and aural atmosphere you are looking for as well as convey the message you want to communicate. Whether your event requires intimate candlelight or bold theatrical lighting, video branding, special soundscapes or live video projections, we will enlighten and enliven your event.
Music is crucial to creating the right atmosphere. We will help you make the right decision in terms of style (jazz, classical, rock 'n' roll), atmosphere (formal, intimate, bubbly), type of presentation (live band or orchestra, DJ, roving musicians), moment of presentation during the event (throughout a cocktail reception, during the intermission of a gala, in between segments of an award ceremony, for the post dinner dance floor), etc.
Room Decor & Set Design
Tell us your ideas about the visual look of your event and we will make sure that they match your theme, whether by creating a live decor with imaginary creatures working as hosts (fairies, zebra-girls, Roman statues, stilt walkers, flying spirits), choosing simple and elegant items to highlight specific areas or installing an elaborate set for the circus show.
Photographer & Videographer
Whether you are having a private cocktail party, hosting an important corporate award ceremony, launching a product or opening a shopping mall, we can hire professional photographers and videographers to immortalize your event, guests, audience, speechmakers, prize winners, etc., as well as record the provided entertainment. Commemorative video montages can be made available as a souvenir for your guests.
Pre production & On site Coordination
We can take charge of all aspects of your event for you, coordinating the different teams, partners and collaborators, as well as all logistical aspects of your event, both during the preparation months leading up to it and on site, during the event itself. With us, the right message will be delivered and your guests' emotions will reach new limits.
Others services
If you need something that you don't see mentioned here, never hesitate to ask about it. We will always move heaven and earth to help you solve your problems, make your life easier and turn your dreams into reality.

With Cirque Fantastic Creative Event Planning Services, your events are transformed into captivating and memorable affairs that will always exceed your expectations.

Cirque Fantastic Concept, Roue Allemande

Cirque Fantastic Concept, Roue Allemande

Cirque Fantastic Concept

Cirque Fantastic Concept, Aérien

Cirque Fantastic Concept, Aérien

Cirque Fantastic Concept

Cirque Fantastic Concept, Équilibre

Cirque Fantastic Concept