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From Montreal to Hong Kong, from a convention hall to a cruise ship, Cirque Fantastic will follow you wherever your events take you. With our show directors and our numerous designers (costumes, lighting, decors and music), our exceptional certified riggers, tour managers, stage managers and set designers, as well as our fabulous circus artists, dancers, musicians and singers, we will bring magic, wonder, delight, elegance and sparkle to all your events. Since 2013, Cirque Fantastic has also been designing and producing shows for cruise operator Celestyal Cruises.


Meet our creative team

Cirque Fantastic brings together veteran specialists and accomplished do-it-alls. A group of highly qualified freelancers, selected according to each event’s profile, join this central team as needed.


Artistic Director and Founder




Chantal NADEAU

Costumes designer


Production Designer

Video designer

Music Director


Production Designer

Manuel AC

Aerial rigger and

technical director

Graphic Designer

Bilingual Translator, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Proofreader

Project Manager

Photos : Benoit Desjardins  

CIRQUE FANTASTIC ... dream creator!

Our clients approach us with only one goal in mind: to be filled with wonder, seduced and dazzled, totally and absolutely. In other words, they want to have a memorable experience.

So, Cirque Fantastic’s ambitions can be summed up to a single thing: to entertain in the most unique, stupefying way by creating fantasies that will delight the senses in a breathtaking way. Our own goal? To make each of these fantasies so magical that our clients and their guests remain forever enchanted!


Rent our studio for your events

Exquisite food, dynamic decor, eclectic music, fantastic entertainment - we have everything you need to experience an unforgettable moment. Located in the heart of the Laurentians in front of a magnificent lake, our studio could be the ideal space for your events.

Photos : Benoit Desjardins  

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