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Let us take you back in time, to an era when people knew how to dance all night long in funky style - the 1970s! You will be carried into this acrobatic fantasy in disco colours to the irresistible thumping grooves of ABBA. Lights, please!

ABBA DREAMS invite you to take a peek into Ismaray’s bedroom, where strange things take place at night. Ismaray is not an ordinary singer… She sleeps in a giant trampoline bed and her colourful world is strangely illuminated. She has the power of giving life to her dreams and, as darkness falls, inanimate objects become enlivened, woken up the delicate touch of inquisitive UV lights. When the first oh-so-wonderfully recognizable notes of ABBA’s I Have a Dream start to ring out, the objects surrounding her begin to move. One after the other, Ismaray’s pillows prance about as her bedroom doors turn and turn, rolling as if on air. Fast asleep, she lies there, as we are entranced, mesmerized by her dream come alive. Ismaray cannot help joining in, the pull of ABBA’s songs is too strong: she starts to sing! Soon, her dolls wake up, transformed into acrobats and dancers who twist and twirl all around her in astonishing circus acts and captivating choreographies. Ismaray and the music of ABBA are made for each other and, as her dreamy, imagined world goes back into slumber, they created together some soul-stirring moments and a stupefying experience that will be tough to forget.

ABBA DREAMS throw you into the glitzy time of disco like you were meant to experience the era firsthand. All of your favourite ABBA songs will envelop you with love, awe and that compulsive urge to get up and join the music. Let the rhythms soak you, then plunge into Ismaray’s dream world!

ABBA DREAMS — where dreams can lead you to dance the night away.

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