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CABARET is the best of what nocturnal life has to offer in terms of luxurious adventures and titillating thrills. A truly multidisciplinary show that dance aficionados will especially love.

CABARET fuses the best of the circus, dance and burlesque together into a spectacular show that conjures up the seductive world of the night and its creatures. In a sexy and voluptuous ambience that evokes the Moulin Rouge in Paris or the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, your master of ceremonies, a giant singing puppet called Leo, welcomes you into a unique world draped in black and red. The sensuous beings that live there writhe in their aerial hoops and trapeze, dance acrobatic choreographies and, slipping behind a curtain, become curvaceous, slinky, moving shadows, all for your personal pleasure. Their lascivious, intoxicating presence explodes into myriad sensations one moment and cajoles you the next. With their bowlers and top hats, their feathered boas and their tuxedos, the creatures of the Cabaret take you on a journey to the heart of burlesque, carried by the best tangos and music-hall’s most popular songs.

CABARET - where night and its deliciously guilty pleasures will seduce you.

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