Since 2013, the Cirque Fantastic creative team has taken up a new challenge: the production of cruise shows for the ships of cruise operator Celestyal Cruises. The goal of this thrilling new partnership? To highlight the history, traditions and culture of the locations that these ships and their travelers visit, through a series of musical circus/variety shows. Showcasing a specific theme, each show is designed by the brilliant artists of the company, then presented aboard three ships: the Celestyal Olympia and the Celestyal Nefeli in Greece, and the Celestyal Crystal in Cuba.

In 2017, in association with Cirque Fantastic, Celestyal Cruises won the 2017 Cruisers Choice Award for best midsize cruise ship in the entertainment catogory.


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"Amazed by the talent of dancers and
singers in the shows, the latin souls,
the violonist and pianist team, all