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AZUCAR propels you into the musical traditions of Cuba and its beloved dance styles, from the countryside to Havana. 

El baile, cha cha cha, rumba, La Rueda de Casino, mambo, el son - it’s the feast of life, love and happiness. Let the rum flow and the aroma of grilled pork fill the air!

AZUCAR invites you to the fiesta cubana! You are immediately whisked away to the flamboyant wedding of Juaquina and Don Pepe, under the beautiful sunshine and palm trees of the Tropics. The costumes and sets are brilliant white, peppered with bursts of red, green and blue. You are carried away by the music, fascinated by the dance of the papalote, Cuba’s iconic comet-shaped kites. Then, roosters are brought in for a cockfight. You are surrounded by singing and catcalls. Suddenly, emotions flare up! Luckily, the arrival of hot coffee pots and the introduction of a new dance calm things down, bringing back the joyful ambience just in time to wish Juaquina and Don Pepe a happy trip to Havana, as they leave in their carriage. In the streets of the capital, along the Obispo or the Malecón, you learn to dance the mozambique around the congas as well as the pilón to the sound of an a capella song. An acrobatic trio joins in just as the crowd launches into a wild mambo, followed by a romantic song and, capping it all off, a breathtaking salsa.

AZUCAR - where the spirit of the fiesta cubana will delight you.

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