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MYTHOLOGIA is a pilgrimage to the heart of Olympus, to meet the living myths of ancient Greece. Let our circus artists take you there, for a captivating performance.

MYTHOLOGIA invites you to sit at the table of the gods. At the beginning, there was Chaos. And from the chaotic darkness were born Helios, the sun, and Mother Earth, who then gave birth to the gods of Olympus. Zeus, king of the gods, his wife Hera and their royal court welcome you to this one-of-a-kind circus show, where humans pay tribute to their creators with their compelling acts, their sensual dances and their exalted songs. Nothing has been left to chance to honour the gods and entertain them. The wildest circus disciplines unfurl, one after another — giant balloons, aerial straps, hoops, aerial rings, combat, masked amusements, stilts, waltzing giant fabric, a German wheel, flying ropes and more! Each scene evokes the world of a different god — the fiery forge of the blacksmith-god, Hephaestus; the shadowy underworld of the king of the dead, Hades; the blue magic of the master of the oceans, Poseidon; the carnal beauty of the goddess of love, Aphrodite; or the mischievous lightness of the messenger of the gods, Hermes.

MYTHOLOGIA - where the Gods of Olympus will enthrall you.

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