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ODYSSEA is the best of what the world has to offer - a symphony of colours, acrobatic dances, pulsating rhythms and mesmerizing cultures. A heart-pounding dance show that will move you as mush as it will thrill you.

ODYSSEA is a variety show that will transport you to the far ends of the world. Our narrator-adventurer needs a travel companion and he will take you everywhere his dream of memorable encounters takes him. His trip begins in Egypt, where golden-hued dancers soon entice him away to Turkey with their belly dancing. From there, he makes the jump to Greece, where the pink bougainvilleas welcome him, before he continues on his way to India with its saffran-coloured saris, China with its red dragons, and Japan with its spectacular taiko drums. Brazil and its breathtaking capoeira performers are next. Zigzaguing across continents, he visits Russia and its matriochka dolls, then enjoys a Broadway show in New York, joins the Beatles in England, and then flamenco dancers in Spain, celebrates Oktoberfest in Germany and, finally, lands in Paris to do the can-can. Each stopover adds to the world mosaic that comes together in the big finale, under the rainbow of all nations.

ODYSSEA - where the world truly is your oyster!

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