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CIRQUE FANTASTIC is a complete circus show, peppered with choreography that can be dreamlike with umbrella-wielding dancers or mischievous with zebra head-adorned performers. The world’s best-loved pop songs envelop it all.


CIRQUE FANTASTIC invites you to a fun and breathtaking journey at the heart of circus history. Captivated by the live voices and music, you plunge into a world rich with age-old traditions that have been honed through the centuries to mesmerize all kinds of audiences. Contortion, hand-to-hand and the Chinese pole, some of the oldest circus traditions, guide you through the origins of circus arts. You can easily imagine these amazing acrobats at the court of kings in the Middle Ages or in the town squares of dynastic Asia, dazzling their audience with their astonishing strength and flexibility. But circus arts are constantly evolving and other incredible artists introduce you to more modern disciplines through a series of hypnotic aerial acts. Hoop, straps, bungee and even a giant chandelier lend their shapes and properties to the vertiginous somersaults of the dizzyingly skillful acrobats.

CIRQUE FANTASTIC - where circus arts will bewitch you.

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