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OLYMPIAKO asks you nothing less than to bear witness to the creation of the cosmos and the birth of western civilisation.

OLYMPIAKO invites you to be enlightened, by travelling to ancient Greece! Four young women emerge from ethereal cocoons floating in mid-air. From her watery basin, a beautiful dancer-enchantress has set them free. Air and water preside over the beginning of life in the universe, as one of the young women twists high above with her aerial rope. Earth then appears, giving life to trees and animals, which frolic happily along with three giant puppets. Upon receiving the spark of intelligence, human beings listen to the music of the spheres of heaven and Pythagoras invents geometry. The German wheel, an aerial cube and luminous cubes demonstrate the beauty of the brilliant mathematician’s fundamental theories. The Greeks’ next inventions? Art, theatre and even love! They are celebrated in stirring tableaux where marble statues come to life under the guise of tightrope walkers and contortionists, Greek tragedies are performed in traditional masks, giant red elastic bands seem to dance, singers intone Cretan chants and a parade of dolphins waltz in the sea. The show concludes with an apotheosis of astounding Olympic disciplines and swirling rings.

OLYMPIAKO - where the wonders of the universe, and of ancient Greece, come to life.

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