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REVOLUCION is a story of eternal love. That of a people for their country. That of a man and a woman for each other. Told in songs, dance and acrobatics. At once spectacular and meditative, passionate and romantic.

REVOLUCION plunges you into the turmoil and exaltation of the Cuban Revolution. It is the 1950s, the time of the Batista regime. A shoe-shine boy meets a young woman in the streets of Havana. The city’s dance cabarets are brimming with life. Intoxicated by the romantic music, the young couple falls in love under the diffuse lights of the Malecón’s lampposts. But a general workers’ strike cuts their romance short. A spirit of revolt simmers among the population and, soon enough, rebels march through the streets in their green uniforms. The music beats the rhythms of a stunning German wheel act. The couple is separated by the revolutionary shock wave. As she travels to the U.S., she writes a goodbye letter to her love, while he thinks of Her at the Havana table where their love story began. Two performers translate the lovers’ melancholy into a poignant aerial fabric ballet. Before long, he is thrown into the conflict with his comrades. Rope and giant elastic acrobatics are used to represent the fighting and sacrifices they must endure to bring about their dreams of freedom. At last, a new day comes. The new regime makes education compulsory for everyone. People learn how to write “LOVE” and “HOPE”. Years pass, but the couple separated by the ocean still ache for each other. Will they find their way back to each other?

REVOLUCION - where the dreams of the Cuban Revolution will move you.

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