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LATINA is a thrilling dance show, punctuated with typical Cirque Fantastic juggling acts and acrobatics. Live musicians bring a whole new level of exciting immediacy to the rhythms of the Latin score.

LATINA invites you to discover Latin music and dances, from the Caribbean to the furthest edges of South America, in a series of dazzling choreographies. Your musical tour begins in a street in Havana. Looking youthful and bright-eyed in their white polka dot dresses, a group of young women come across a band of handsome shoe-shine boys. It’s love at first sight! They flirtatiously invite each other to dance to the vibrant sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club. At the tavern, the barman juggles with his bottles and the young people swing and twirl, carried away by the exhilarating melodies. In a glittering flash of gold, fiesta fever takes hold of them — it’s time for the wild tropical fruit dance! Next, you jump to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where an unbridled tango awaits. Then, hop! you’re in Columbia, where stunning belly-dancers show you what they can do to Shakira’s pulsing beats. Disheveled and out of breath but completely elated, you conclude your Latin musical journey in the feathery glitter of the Rio Carnival and in a shower of confetti at a Puerto Rican feast.

LATINA - where the roaring passion of Latin dancing will rouse you.

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