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AFRO CUBA celebrates Cuban folklore in all its glory through circus arts - Chinese pole, aerial fabric, German wheel, fire twirling, giant transparent balloon, unicycle, and stilts. Let the spirit of the Caribbean carnival transport you!


AFRO CUBA invites you to discover the history of the beautiful island through symbolic circus acts and choreography, from its first inhabitants - the Ciboney, the Guanajatabey and the Taíno - all the way to the Spanish settlers who came after Christopher Columbus. Among these fascinating people, you will be spending most of your time in the world of the Cuban santeria, and in the company of its divinities, the Orisha. First, witness the population rebelling against the wooden staffs of those who have turned them into slaves, as they triumph over their masters. Now free to practice their religion, santeria, they dance the traditional makuta around a pole draped in red ribbons. And then, they celebrate the mystical beauty of their gods in a series of exciting tableaux. Elegua, the Keeper of the Roads; Yemaya, the Queen of the Oceans; Shango, the Storm-Master; Oshun, the Goddess of Love; Obatala, the Sky Father and creator of human life. The four elements are each represented in the acts: the shimmering air of intangible dreams, the yellow earth of carnal desires, the blue water of the deepest seas and the red fire of booming thunderstorms. Always fascinating and spellbinding.

AFRO CUBA - where the mythical Orishas will put you under their spell.

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