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COCO CIRCO TROPICAL offers you a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate very special guest artists, the performers of Circuba, Havana’s prestigious circus school, in a sexy, sensational ambience that allows them to showcase their considerable talents.

COCO CIRCO TROPICAL takes you back in time to the 1950s. Delve into a Cuban saga worthy of Dick Tracy, where you will encounter ominous gangsters, phenomenal dancers and mesmerizing celebrities. Welcome to the imaginary Coco Circo, your tropical cabaret! A whirlwind of colours and bellowing brass instruments await you as you walk in, under the flashes of the paparazzi. The cabaret is hosting famous guests: Cuban singing sensation Benny Moré, king of Chicago underground Al Capone and even the most glamorous star in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe! Everyone sits down in front of the red curtain, waiting for the show. Dancers, valets and waiters pirouette from table to table. An aerial fabric act followed by an acrobatic trio take the audience’s breath away. Marilyn walks on stage with her diamonds and sings for the crowd. Acrobatic rope and hoop acts captivate you. Peanut vendors also get into the groove, but an aerial dancer soon spins into everyone’s attention, followed by the Icario duet and their awe-inspiring bungee stunts. The queen of salsa herself, Celia Cruz, leads the grand finale, which combines dance, tightrope walking, hand-to-hand acts and singing.

COCO CIRCO TROPICAL - where you will experience glitzy 1950s Havana.

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