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HELLENIC VOYAGE, is a choreographed show that embraces Greek folklore in an atmosphere that expresses all of the waves of emotions experienced in a great wedding. And Cirque Fantastic’s typical acrobatic energy moves things along at an exciting, irresistible pace.

HELLENIC VOYAGE invites you to a wedding! The sound of the bouzouki and the clear voices of the singers echo throughout this choreographed wedding/show, the perfect excuse to delve into Greece’s greatest cultural traditions. From the countryside, in the wheat fields where young people meet, flirt and fall in love, to the Athenian taverna where one laughs and drinks with friends, you will experience all the most memorable moments in the life of this young couple. With them, you will celebrate the wheat and grape harvests. You will be astonished by the wedding guests who juggle with dinner plates and dance on the tables in a breathtaking acrobatic choreography. You will be moved by their trip out to sea and by the waltzing fishing net that feeds them. You will make a detour by the Greek parliament, where the performers of the tsamikos, the Greek national dance, will astound you. And, at last, you will join the farandole yourself at the taverna, along with the happy wedding party that leads you into one last wild spin around the stage.

HELLENIC VOYAGE - where the spirit of Greek weddings will transport you.

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